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PA Lolitas

Pennsylvania Lolitas
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community that was created for the Pennsylvania Lolita populace. :) Gothic, Sweet, Country, Classic -- everything Lolita is allowed, including plans for meet-ups, tea parties, discussion concerning how PA residents take to the Lolita attire when darling Loli-chan are out strolling about, etc.

Gothic Aristocrat is also allowed in this community. I had almost decided against it, but there simply doesn't seem to be a large enough interest in the fashion to merit another community specifically for it, and I've notice that some Lolita wander into the realms of Gothic Aristocrat sometimes.

"Visual Kei" fashion may also be included, as some VK artists create Lolita attire with a certain "J-Rock" twist. I've found that the Visual Kei fashion of Japanese Rock bands can be very inspiring to Lolita who wish to be a little more creative with their designs. :)

Kodona is ALSO allowed, for those PA boys (and girls) into Lolita fashion, but aren't too fond of the dresses.

- Feel free to post an introduction, although it certainly isn't needed!

- Large pictures and long rants must be posted under an lj-cut! If you don't know what that is, or how to do it, please see THIS.

- You MUST be kind to your fellow members. I do not mind debates, but there will be NO rudeness allowed. Do not insult another member (i.e. "You have no idea what Gothic Lolita fashion is, and you're a disgrace. Please go die"). If you disagree with something, state it in a mature manner. Three warnings and you are out.

All in all, this is a fairly light-hearted community. :) If anyone has any questions or complaints, please feel free to contact me at sweet_deadly_claris@yahoo.com.