yotama (yotama) wrote in pa_lolita,

Been waiting for this thread!!!

I also live near the Harrisburg area. We need some lolis up in here!
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I live in the Lancaster and I do know that there are a few other girls close by to me too. We all mostly hang out on the Philly Facebook group, here's the link if you're on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/frilladelphia/
Thank you! I'll definitely join!
I just moved here and would love to meet up! There are so many pretty coffee shops around the capital. =)
It's a little late but yes! So much to do in Harrisburg and Mechanicsburg!
It's never too late! Next Saturday I'm going to be going to the farmers' market and the makespace craft market. Do you want to meet up?
hi i live in Gettysburg i dont know of anyone around here but i love to meet up some time
So, we have 2 in Harrisburg and you. Would you be able to make it up to Harrisburg or Mechanicsburg for a meet?
Oops didnt check the date of the post til now >..<
No problem! We've got a Harrisburg Lolita group on Facebook.
Hi! I am new to the community, but I am located in Chambersburg, PA which is very close to Gettysburg, about an hour from Harrisburg, and about 2 hours from Lancaster. :)