Ashmalia (ashmalia) wrote in pa_lolita,


Erm.. hI! I'm a UK lolita and i'll be visiting a friend in the Williamsport area in October, I know its a while away but i'm super exited. I was wondering if there was anyone in the area that would like to come say hello at all if its not going out of your way too much =3

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I'm in Lancaster which is around 2.5-3 hours away, if you're able to drive down that far we could probably have a meet up. There aren't many lolitas in Lancaster but maybe some of the Philadelphia ones would be willing to come?
I should be able to travel if i ask very nicely!
That's great! Hopefully something can be planned for when you're here. :)
Hellooooo! That is awesome that you are visiting! I asked about your location on our normal forum on Facebook trying to find someone close to Williamsport. Unfortunately, most of the active people I know live more east. Do you think it would be possible to travel half way? I can't be sure about the logistics until a little closer to the time but I will keep your visit in mind! We have meetups pretty frequently
awww thank you for asking for me =3 I should be able to travel a bit if I ask nicely, i'm there for two weeks, so hopefully i'll be able to come to a meet up =]]
Hello! I don't know what you're planning for October (as this was posted a month or so ago) but if you still want to do a meetup, I am interested!
I'm new to lolita and really want to meet some other people who love the fashion!
I'm from the Lancaster area, but I go through Williamsport to visit relatives, so it wouldn't be out of my way.
So I'd be willing to meet in the area, or if there's a meet up nearby, that would be cool too.
I live in Duncannon which is about 1.5 hours away! I wonder where we would be able to meet :/